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Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Dec 8 08:03:26 EST 2003

Kevin Miller wrote:

>Revolution has been around for 7 years less than
>the MC IDE, and has many more features.  

Particulary, I appreciate much the Geometry Manager.

>So we're not there yet on a raw efficiency or 
>uncluttered scale.  But it won't be long before we 
>are that too, and in the mean time, we have to cater
>for the larger number of users.  

I've noticed that novices computer users, are
afraid of the sheer complexity of many programs.
This complexity is reflected somehow by their 

As Kevin said, RunRev caters to that larger number
of users that needs to feel confortable with an
interface that resembles his use of other softwares.

I suggest everyone here to take a look
at another software winner of the MacWorld magazine,
SketchUp. In their website they have some movies
that shows how to use this software.
3D software have been around for long, but IS the
interface to these same tools that put apart this

I expect to see a more user customizable interface
in the future.
>And you are quite free to go on using the MC IDE if
>you wish.

Thanks Kevin, you really understand this need.

Developers who stay all day long within a software, 
quickly become aware of the particularities of an 

What is doing that palette in this place?
Why this dialog box do not have keyboard shortcuts?
How did they forget to include that property in
this window?
Who decided to make this window so small or so big?
Where did they put that property that must belong
here, with these other properties?


These impulses to reshape our environments hardly
could be stopped. MetaCard really invites the
programmers to reshape their programming enviroment.
And the unprotected code confirms that belief.

If anybody thinks that HyperCard users are
obstinated, then figure out how much obstinated
will become all programmers that had modeled an
interface to their particular needs.

There will be MetaCards users for long time.


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