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sims sims at
Sun Dec 7 23:47:54 EST 2003

>At the upcoming Rev Con in SF I'll be discussing plug-ins, aimed at
>introducing Rev newcomers to using and building Revolution plug-ins.

I wish I could make it there but it's too far away.
I'd love to see you and the Rev crew here in Europe though!

>- What's your favorite plug-in, and why?

A small timer plugin I made which enables me to keep track of
how much time I spend on each project.  It also saves to a text
file so I can send it off to clients or place in other records. Maybe I'll
find time some day to automate it some more but alas I am much too 
busy right now.

>- Do you prefer the more hip form of "Plugins" or the more grammatically
>correct but possibly staid form, "Plug-ins"?

plugins (that is also how Rev spells it so why rock the boat).


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