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On Dec 6, 2003, at 7:46 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:
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> That brings up another question: If I use the .png files and write 
> generic code to handle the loading of images from a folder then I 
> might be able to gain a bit more control over individual slides i.e. 
> if a slide has 'links' on it I can stop there and allow the user to 
> click on a clear button. I know we can mark a card but is there a 
> simple way to mark an image???

Hmmm, the way I usually do this is to use QuickTime sprites to add the 
interactivity to the image  and load it into a player but that 
obviously won't work here :)  This is nice since the interactivity 
becomes part of the movie you create from the still image.

One way is to create some XML markup that represented your 
presentation.  You could then load that into Revolution which would 
dynamically create the presentation based on the XML.  Then you are 
just creating a shell to parse the XML and present everything.  Within 
the XML you could have coordinates which define an interactive region.  
It might take a little longer to design at first but it would be very 
useful moving forward.  You could even create a Revolution app that let 
you create the XML file and define the interactive regions.

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