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As usual, Thanks for the prompt reply.

So the real kicker here is that the dontusequicktime does not actually 
happen on the Mac. That was what had me stumped.

I sent a letter to the 'Boss' asking if it was OK to require the end 
users to have quicktime installed. That would of course be the best 
approach and the easiest for me. But if not then I can still do it via 
the export to .png and then display via ONE graphic and handle the code 
via script.

That brings up another question: If I use the .png files and write 
generic code to handle the loading of images from a folder then I might 
be able to gain a bit more control over individual slides i.e. if a 
slide has 'links' on it I can stop there and allow the user to click on 
a clear button. I know we can mark a card but is there a simple way to 
mark an image???

Thanks again Klaus and have a good weekend yourself....


On Dec 6, 2003, at 9:34 AM, Klaus Major wrote:

> Hi Thomas J McGrath III,
>> Hello all,
>> I have a small problem. Well many problems actually, but that's for 
>> another list.
>> I have thousands of Powerpoint files that I need to bring into REV 
>> projects. (This is a great opportunity for me) I know I have asked 
>> about this before and I got one response from someone?? that said to 
>> try Keynote from Apple to export an interactive .mov file.
>> So I bought keynote and exported a .mov file and IT WORKS, in REV, on 
>> OSX. And all of my Powerpoints look better too. Great.
>> Except it does not work on Windows without Quicktime installed. I 
>> have two questions:
>> Q1:  Is anyone aware of a Windows player/format for a .mov file with 
>> a sprite track in it??????
>> (The sprite track I think is what allows the interactive part to work 
>> in the .mov file)
>> I tried .mpg in windows but no luck. How about .avi???
> Nope, sorry, no equivalent for Interactive QT on windows...
>> Q2: Why if I set the dontusequicktime and dontusequicktimeeffects to 
>> TRUE does the .mov
>> file still work fine in OSX but not in Win 2000 or Win XP?????
> No, "dontusequicktime" will prevent QT from loading and once set, it 
> cannot be switched back
> until you restart RR/your standalone...
>> I thought that setting them to true forced REV to not use Quicktime?? 
>> Then how do these still work in OSX???
> I don't know if "dontusequicktime" works on a Mac... And why should 
> it??? ;-)
> QT IS THE (only) mac-house-brand multimedia engine!
> And an important part of OS X!
>> Q3: If Rev IS able to handle a .mov with sprites in OSX WITHOUT 
>> Quicktime then why is REV not able to do it in Windows???
> See above...
>> PS; I don't know how to remove the sprite track - any suggestions???
> QuickTime Pro?
> Sorry don't know any other possibility...
> But i'm not sure that just removing a sprite track will do what you 
> want...
>> I thought that if I removed the sprite track and converted the .mov 
>> to .avi
>> that maybe I could control the .avi without Quicktime in REV.
>> PSS; The only other solution I have come up with is to export the 
>> Powerpoint files into individual
>> slides saved as .PNG files (Keynote won't export individual slides). 
>> Then I import images as ref
>> control from folder ;-) and then set them all to invisible and put a 
>> blank button over top of them to
>> show hide all of them. This works but was rather complicated and a 
>> bit slower than the .mov was.
>> I just thought of using set the imagedata (I think that was in 
>> SuperCard) AND I am pretty sure Rev
>> has this ability. That way there is only one graphic on screen 
>> instead of hundreds BUT again I
>> am sure that will be slower than the .mov file.
> I would suggest to set the filename of one (only) image on the card...
> Almost no memory overhead :-)
> (See an example stack on my website -> X-Talk -> Auto slide lite)
> Drop a line if you need more info/assistance about this...
>> ANY HELP is appreciated,
>> Thanks to you all for being my lifeline here.
> :-)
>> Tom
> Enjoy your weekend :-)
> Regards
> Klaus Major
> klaus at
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