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Sat Dec 6 09:00:12 EST 2003

Hello all,

I have a small problem. Well many problems actually, but that's for 
another list.

I have thousands of Powerpoint files that I need to bring into REV 
projects. (This is a great opportunity for me) I know I have asked 
about this before and I got one response from someone?? that said to 
try Keynote from Apple to export an interactive .mov file.
So I bought keynote and exported a .mov file and IT WORKS, in REV, on 
OSX. And all of my Powerpoints look better too. Great.

Except it does not work on Windows without Quicktime installed. I have 
two questions:

Q1:  Is anyone aware of a Windows player/format for a .mov file with a 
sprite track in it?????? (The sprite track I think is what allows the 
interactive part to work in the .mov file) I tried .mpg in windows but 
no luck. How about .avi???

Q2: Why if I set the dontusequicktime and dontusequicktimeeffects to 
TRUE does the .mov file still work fine in OSX but not in Win 2000 or 
Win XP????? I thought that setting them to true forced REV to not use 
Quicktime?? Then how do these still work in OSX???

Q3: If Rev IS able to handle a .mov with sprites in OSX WITHOUT 
Quicktime then why is REV not able to do it in Windows???

PS; I don't know how to remove the sprite track - any suggestions??? I 
thought that if I removed the sprite track and converted the .mov to 
.avi that maybe I could control the .avi without Quicktime in REV.

PSS; The only other solution I have come up with is to export the 
Powerpoint files into individual slides saved as .PNG files (Keynote 
won't export individual slides). Then I import images as ref control 
from folder ;-) and then set them all to invisible and put a blank 
button over top of them to show hide all of them. This works but was 
rather complicated and a bit slower than the .mov was. I just thought 
of using set the imagedata (I think that was in SuperCard) AND I am 
pretty sure Rev has this ability. That way there is only one graphic on 
screen instead of hundreds BUT again I am sure that will be slower than 
the .mov file.

ANY HELP is appreciated,

Thanks to you all for being my lifeline here.


Macintosh PowerBook G-4 OSX 10.3.1, OS 9.2.2, 1.25 GHz, 512MB RAM, Rev 

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