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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Fri Dec 5 10:08:25 EST 2003

Hi Tom,

>I created a stack with a lot of substacks and NOW decided that I 
>will need a splash screen before the Main stack loads.
>I have two questions:

Three, actually; but that's OK.    :{`)

>Q1: Is there a limit or problem with too many substacks in a 
>mainstack? If so what is a safe number to work with?

The only limit I'm aware of is the amount of RAM available to the 
mainStack being opened.  In essence, there is no practical limit.

>Q2: Since I can't have my mainstack with substacks become a substack 
>of another mainstack I created a new mainstack for the splash screen 
>and after a timed animation I then open the MAIN mainstack and close 
>the splash screen stack - remove from memory. Is this a safe way to 
>do this? Are there any problems or benefits from doing it this way?

The splash screen stack becomes a standalone containing the 
Revolution engine.  I don't know what effect removing it from memory 
produces.  My splash screens usually open the mainStack a la:

	get the name of this window
	go to stack "My Main Stack" in window it

[or something along those lines] without closing or purging themselves.

>Since I decided after all of this work to add the splash screen I 
>couldn't just make it the mainstack. I was worried about memory 
>issues and about cross platform issues.
>Q3: When Building the standalone how would I deal with these two 
>stacks? Should they be separate builds? If not How/What should I do 
>about it. Should I use the "Files for inclusion" in DB? How will 
>that affect the MAIN mainstack? What about the "Make mainstack" in 
>DB? How will that affect my MAIN main stack?

The "traditional" approach is to identify the splash screen as the 
mainStack to the Application Builder, identify all other stacks to be 
included, and specify a folder to contain the "auxiliary" stacks.

As a practical matter, I personally find this cumbersome and 
difficult to maintain--especially with the advent of Mac OS 10 
application bundles and for standalones that utilize files that are 
not stacks.

I create a distribution folder containing everything the application 
needs (except Revolution items which are bundled into the 
standalone).  I identify ONLY the splash screen stack and any needed 
Revolution resources to the Distribution Builder, and drag the 
finished standAlone or application bundle into my distribution 
folder.  Note that this approach also facilitates easy updates of 
component files & stacks: just drag the new version into the 
distribution folder.

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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