Writing PDF files from RunRev

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 14:32:59 EST 2003

Dave Cragg wrote:

> The same code saved from Text Wrangler (lite 
> version of BBEdit) produces the same error 
> in Acrobat Reader 5 and 6, and also in 
> Preview on OS X.

Alex Rice wrote:

> I read the article and tried creating the 
> example PDF with Emacs editor using various line 
> endings, including just a ^M which is what another
> PDF file appeared to use. No matter what, I cannot 
> view the doc with Preview.app on OS X.

Thanks David and Alex for testing this code in
MacOs X! :)

This means that recents specifications of PDF are
more strict about the archive structure.

Actually, I saved a Document as PDF in ASCII format 
from FreeHand.

Then, opened the file in Windows Notepad. Modify
some values (colors, coordinate points and short
text strings) and saved the file.

The modified PDF opened fine showing the all changes 
that I have made...

I need to make more test with this sustitution method.


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