Clone stack doesn't clone the substack(s) within it!

Dom mcdomi at
Thu Dec 4 03:38:16 EST 2003

Sarah <sarahr at> wrote:

> I would suggest that you write your own clone routine that clones the
> main-stack and then loops through each of the sub-stacks, cloning them
> and setting their mainStack property to the newly cloned main-stack.

That's done -- with some caution, since it's so easy to "detach" a
substack from its mainstack... I have done that several times ;-)))

Clone the substack, give the clone "Copy of --" the new mainstack,
change the name of the substack -- which leaves behind a copy with the
ancient name...

Never be accustomed to that puzzling behaviour of MC/RR, which make a
copy simply by changing the name ;-)

And all those files that persists invisible in memory, and interfere
with the visible ones ;-))

Also with "save as..." -- but I must confess that HyperCard also had
also an "unnatural" behaviour in this respect ;->

But with HC, a "Copy" was really a copy !!!

The comparison stops here, since HC stacks were continually saved, as a
modification occurred, so little that modification was....

But, I feel the lack of a simple command to leave behind (voluntarily
;->) a copy of the work in progress; so I make this "by hand" or with a
little "version" handler.

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