listing files in a directory folder and subfolders and copy

Bob Hartley bob at
Wed Dec 3 08:33:30 EST 2003

Hi Again

Thanks for all the help.

I should have made some things clear.

In the folder eg. "C:\medical\bob-s-stuff\  there will be many folders. 
Lets say they are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc.

In each of these folders there are 3 files that end in raw01.pic, 
raw02.pic, raw03.pic. However, there are other files. eg  data.raw and 
experiment.lse and a folder with a file merge.pic and projection.pic. The 
problem is this. each of the raw0x.pic files are 150Mb, the merge file is 
3x this IE 450Mb and the projection is 450Mb. I want to selectively copy 
all files in all the folders that contain raw01,2,3.pic  (so I cant simply 
use the .pic extension) to reduce the traffic over the network (IE 9Gb 
instead of 27Gb/afternoon). Also our shared space on the network drive 
fills up 3x as fast if we cant do this. I tell everyone to do this manually 
or to register total commander but they dont always listen. :-)

I know rev can do this and I appreciate your help. Medical imaging has big 

Any pointers; PS I'm looking at the sonsofthunder page.

Dr. Bob

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