Drag n Drop Objects in Flash vs. Rev

Alan Golub asg618 at mac.com
Tue Dec 2 16:21:33 CST 2003

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I perused this month's issue of 
MacDesign, and found a cute Flash MX tutorial for the holidays. The 
final Flash movie displayed a bare X-mas tree with several glowing 
ornaments on the floor around the tree. The user could click on the 
ornaments and drag them onto the tree, effectively "decorating" their 
own digital tree. The tutorial covered implementing the drag-and-drop 
functionality through the "on startDrag" and "on stopDrag" ActionScript 
events, and how to give each ornament a cool-looking pulsating glow 
effect (essentially by creating a motion tween in which the brightness 
of the ornament object continuously loops from low to high).

Reading the tutorial, I couldn't help but think what a neat little 
holiday toy to build and share with family and friends -- perhaps with 
my own embellishments, such as falling snow, an on-off switch for the 
tree lights, and a holiday music soundtrack, of course.

I built a first draft in Flash MX 2004 in about 4 hours, including 
actually drawing the tree and several different ornaments within Flash 
itself. I'm no Flash expert, but the tutorial made it easy.

For kicks, and because I thought I could do a much better version of 
the same project (probably in even less time), I decided to try to 
build the project from scratch in Revolution. Unfortunately, I ran into 
difficulty right away when I realized that there seems to be no built 
in handler to implement drag and drop functionality for Revolution 
objects. I checked the documentation, but couldn't find it anywhere (as 
far as I can tell, the "drag" and "drop" commands in Rev relate only to 
dragging and dropping text into fields).

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Do Rev objects have built 
in drag and drop functionality, and if so, how is it accessed?

Much thanks!

Alan S. Golub
StoryCard Software, LLC

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