Writing PDF files from RunRev

tuviah snyder tuviah at runrev.com
Tue Dec 2 15:49:06 EST 2003

>As for developping a general library for PDF export, it also crossed my
>mind a few times...
>BTW, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I vaguely recall reading
>somewhere (long time ago) that developping an app that can read PDF
>files is OK, but OTOH developping an app that generates PDF files
>requires to purchase a license from Adobe...
>Does this rule still apply ? And, if yes, would a PDF export lib for Rev
>require a license ?
OSX has native support for PDF and can render or export to PDF with a few
lines of code. On other platforms you would need to license a SDK..but when
you need it you need it. We may support displaying PDFs in the future or
printing to PDF on OSX.

You can view PDFs in Windows as well using the acrobat COM component or the
altuit web browser DLL.



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