T. R. Ponn alptex2 at
Tue Dec 2 14:40:39 EST 2003

Roman Opendak wrote:

>I am a fairly capable programmer who started with HyperCard 1.2 in 1992 :-) I was in sixth grade then
Wonderful...we're very much alike!  I was 45 years old in '92...but my 
wife says I still have the mind of a sixth grader!

>Now totally psyched to find Runtime Revolution. To me it means that thousands of hours of my life have not gone to waste. 
Same thing here...about a year ago I "discovered" Rev, and I've been 
deeply in love since.

>To see the clarity of hypercard in the abstracted world of windows is amazing. 
...or perverse...depends on your perspective, I guess.

>Does the runrev community need a well designed, open app. or does anyone want to work together on a free project. I am an experienced programmer, (means i know to stay away from Java and C) focused on interface design and optimization. I have many tricks up my sleve. Just need an idea.
OK...I've been holding back until I had the time for this one.  This 
would be fun, I think...and perhaps just what your enthusiastic mind 
needs.  I used to use an app called "Dumptruck" for batch URL 
submission, but it seems to have disappeared in the last couple years. 
 It was a neat tool.  You gave it a list of search engines you wanted to 
submit your web site to, clicked a button, went for voila! 
 Much easier than doing it manually!  This is perfect for Rev, and will 
test your mettle for good GUI, string manipulation, understanding CGI, 
Rev web tools, and a few other things along the way.  A bonus is that, 
IMHO, a good part of the Rev community seems to be small biz...and 
therefore interested in tools like this to help spread the word of their 
web site existence.

If you're interested, have at it!

Best Regards (and bumming cuz I never seem to have time for the fun ones),

Tim Ponn

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