Writing PDF files from RunRev

jbv jbv.silences at Club-Internet.fr
Tue Dec 2 04:49:53 EST 2003

> > >  My application Somatotype
> > > generates PDF reports on the fly including multiple pages, complex
> > > charts,
> > > tables and text.
> >
> > That's impressive though! Just curious: how much of the many-thousand
> > page PDF Specs from Adobe did you have to study to get to this point?
> Quite a bit although much of it doesn't apply to the very basic PDF
> documents that I export. In such a big document it's finding the one line of
> text that you need that's annoying.

I would second that. Actually PDF isn't that complex : once you get the
basic rules (especially for file format) you're up and going. The main
problem, for coders used to transcript, is probably the lack of "readability".
But if you're used to code in PostScript (or any language with the same
structure), then it's a breeze...

As for developping a general library for PDF export, it also crossed my
mind a few times...
BTW, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I vaguely recall reading
somewhere (long time ago) that developping an app that can read PDF
files is OK, but OTOH developping an app that generates PDF files
requires to purchase a license from Adobe...
Does this rule still apply ? And, if yes, would a PDF export lib for Rev
require a license ?


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