Writing PDF files from RunRev

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Mon Dec 1 18:42:09 EST 2003

> > > I haven't visited the link, but have some
> > > experience writing PDF files from Metacard.
> >
> > Wonderful! Have you exported to pdf the full content
> > of a field, a card or a whole stack?
> Take it easy...    ;-)
> It actually began more than 2 years ago on the MC list
> when I helped Monte Goulding (sp?) generating PDF
> files for one of his projects. I guess Monte also worked
> a lot on exporting data as PDF, and that he might be of
> some help as well (if not too busy)...

Yep, JB got me started on what was not an easy journey. It took me ages to
realise that even though it looks like ASCII text you need to save it as a
binary file (could be a line endings issue???). Unfortunately I've been
planning to build a generic PDF export library for about a year and never
had the time or project to make it worth while. My application Somatotype
generates PDF reports on the fly including multiple pages, complex charts,
tables and text. Fonts are an issue and any library I made would be limitesd
to the built in PDF fonts.

My plan has been to export stacks from card 1 to n with the page the same
size as the card. Currently all my code is in a Somatotype specific form so
I'm reluctant to hand it around. But it would be great to have a save stack
as PDF handler.

So the moral of the story is it's hard to motivate yourself to build a
library you don't need when you have a 6 week old baby girl, work coming out
your ears and Christmas on the way ;-)



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