How do I create an unreferenced image?

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Mon Dec 1 17:37:06 EST 2003

On Mon, 01 Dec 2003, Ken Norris <pixelbird at> wrote:

> Hello Graham,
> > Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 20:39:55 +0000
> > From: Graham Samuel <livfoss at>
> > Subject: How do I create an unreferenced image?
> >
> > My question is, how does the IDE do this trick of embedding and
> > getting rid of the external reference? I would like to create such
> > images myself by scripting, but I don't see how. Sorry if this is
> > obvious.
> -----------
> Yep, it's pretty simple as far as the command goes.
> Look up "import" in the Transport Dictionary.
> If you know about this and it doesn't work, I can almost guarantee it's a
> location (file path) problem. Please look through the docs on "Files,
> Folders, and Resources".
> Here's a tested example on a Mac (watch linewraps):
> on mouseUp
>   import paint from file "/Macintosh HD/Desktop
> Folder/RevStacks_Mine/RevTest.JPG"
> end mouseUp
> ...You can retrieve the absolute filepath like this:
> the multi-line message box and type:
> answer file "Choose a file:"
> put it
> ...You can check the folder in the msg box:
> put defaultFolder
> ...
> See the docs for converting an absolute path to a relative path, etc.
> If you are working in the IDE, then Rev has taken the Rev folder as the
> defaultFolder, so unless  your image is in there, you'll have to either:
> 1) Assign an absolute file path as I did
> ...or to temporarily set a relative filepath:
> 2) Temporarily reset the defaultFoder, call your image, then set the 
> default
> folder back to what it was, unless you move your stack to the default
> folder.
> NOTE: Don't forget to account for the location of referenced images 
> when you
> build your standalone.
> If anything isn't clear, come back and ask.
> HTH,
> Ken N.

Ken and Graham,

Lots of things to consider, aren't they?

Excuse me, RR folks, if I mention this again: Besides a number of really 
good improvements unfortunately there is a whole bunch of 
mis-improvements of Revolution vs. Metacard.

In the Metacard IDE, when you import an image file, first thing you get 
is a dialog with a checkbutton "Link Only". If you uncheck this button, 
the image will be embedded.

So my recommendation is: Switch to the Metacard IDE for a moment and 
then - if you like - go back to Revolution.


Wilhelm Sanke

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