Bezier line in Revolution

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Tue Apr 29 08:00:00 EDT 2003

On 4/29/03 11:07 AM, "Malte Brill" <malte.brill at> wrote:

>> First of all, if you're looking to display antialiased (smooth) bezier
>> curves in Rev, I don't believe this is possible
> Did you allready take a look at the stack bezierline.rev by Alejandro
> Tejada?

I did now -- it's pretty fun. :-)

The point I responded to was the rendered appearance of the line, as opposed
to the roundness of the line's curves.  I think Sivakatirswami needs to
define what he means by "smooth". :-)

BTW, I made a small edit to Alejandro's stack -- it now draws the "stick"
portion of the bezier handle as you move the control points.


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