Uniencode fails on some chars

Ron rbarber at yhb.att.ne.jp
Tue Apr 29 00:31:01 EDT 2003


Just for the record in case this trips up someone else. I ran into a problem
with converting some files with uniencode. Once I read in the text I try:

set the unicodetext of fld 1 to uniencode(thetext,Japanese)

The conversion works fine except for some unusual chars. The chars that my
text used were the 'mm' and 'cm' as single chars. The data was originally
prepared on a Windows machine so these special chars do not map correctly to
Osaka but will show up with a font like 'ChyuGothicTai'. (this latter
problem is not RR, but mac/win)

JIS code: 2B21  and 2B23
SJIS : 8640 and 8642
UTF8: 339C and 339D

I imagine that whole set of chars will give problems.

The problem is that uniencode stops encoding at that char and does not
return the remaining data.

OS 9.2.2 RR 2.0 b2


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