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Sarah sarahr at
Mon Apr 28 19:28:01 EDT 2003

Hi Wilhelm,

I couldn't access your FTP server, but I am also interested in  
constructing my own ask & answer dialogs as I need to create modal  
dialogs which time out, logging what has happened (like OkeyDokeyPro).  
What I am not sure about is how to get Rev to use my own dialogs  
instead of the usual ones. I would really prefer to be able to use the  
normal ask & answer commands with all their parameters, but I am afraid  
that I will have to write myAnswer & myAsk commands which go to my own  
dialogs instead.

Has anyone implemented their own dialogs in an application and if so,  

sarahr at

> I finally gave up (for the time being) and re-constructed an answer and
> ask dialog for which you can set the loc
> in Revolution and Metacard on Windows and Mac platforms.
> You can find them on our FTP-server in folder
> " 
> Sanke/Metacard/MetacardPractice/",
> stacks "" and "newanswer-launch.rev", which have the
> substacks "newanswer" and "question".
> There is another and older sample stack in the same folder for
> customized modal dialogs - with 6 substacks - that show the use of
> "dialogdata" and custom properties to transfer data from the modal
> stack, but without tackling the problem of setting the loc of a modal
> stack.
> Regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke

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