File/Folder Selection Behavior on Windows

Trevor DeVore trevor at
Mon Apr 28 16:38:01 EDT 2003

I am just about done with a project but there are 2 issues which the 
client would like resolved:

1) Being able to select multiple files when using answer file
2) Setting default folder to My Documents when using answer folder

I have been searching through various forums for ways to do this but 
have not found any yet.  From what I can tell the defaultFolder is 
broken on Windows.  I have seen some posts that say it can't be done on 
Windows but I have seen other Windows apps that seem to be using the 
default folder browser in Windows and they set it to My Documents so I 
think it should be possible.  Selecting an Output Folder in Camtasia 
Studio Recorder seems to set the default folder for example.

I haven't seen any ideas on the possibility of selecting multiple files.

So does anyone have some additional insight into how either of these 
things could be accomplished?


Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
trevor at

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