Documentation on using Windows Externals

Tuviah M Snyder diskot123 at
Sun Apr 27 02:25:01 CDT 2003

>Looking to work with some windows externals, like a DLL - specifically,
>GraceNote CDDB dll that interfaces and gets and retrieves information
>CDs from the internet. I have the SDK and I am looking through it, and
>talks about methods and setting up variables in C and all, and stuff
>visual basic, but I am not really very sure how all of this translates
>to RunRev.
Working on an external tutorial. But it's more of a simple movie
editing/image manipulation one which just covers the basics.

This CDDB dll looks good. Would be nice to have a sample which
demonstrates accessing an external API. The kind of thing that I would be
interested in:-) Would be so cool if someone would write an iTunes type
app in Rev:-)

Downloading and taking a look at it. The mac version looks
straightforward to deal with. The windows version requires that it be
accessed as a COM/ActiveX object apparently which is pretty standard.
ActiveX is something we plan to support in the future. 

Should be able to get it working over the next few days, would be good to
have with 2.0 going out. I'll then contribute the source code/sample
stack to the Rev contributions area.

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