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Some time ago there was a mini-debate about how wrong it might be to hide a 
cursor then show it at a specific point.  After much dithering I found that 
for my purposes, it is what I need to do.

The scripting solution that was posted was:

set the screenMouseLoc to globalLoc(the location of button "neutral")

Which worked fine, but now I find doesn't work in a Mac standalone, I have 
double checked and it still works in the original stack.  Is there something 
I need to include in the build to make it work? >>

Unfortunately there were more interesting topics being discussed, and no-one 
bit.  I am really stuck with this.  Any help appreciated.

Now I have a bit more info.  The problem also appears in a Win standalone 
(VPC 95).  The cursor is hidden as it should be.  Whilst hidden, the above 
script runs.  Then the cursor is shown.  Unfortunately, it appears where it 
was hidden before the screenmouseloc is set. BUT any clicks cause  mouseups 
at the location of button "neutral" as per script, not where the cursor is 
visible.  Any slight movement of the mouse and the next click occurs at the 
location of the visible cursor.

Que Pasa?

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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