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Bob Rasmussen brasmussen at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 25 01:29:01 CDT 2003

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto" <jeanne at runrev.com> wrote:

> >> I bet it has something to do with changes in the new engine.  A
> >> mouseEnter/mouseLeave message is now sent when moving a control or
> >> changing a control's visibility if the control is located at the current
> >> mouseLoc. I wonder if an extra mousemove gets sent as well.
> Jacque may have read the release notes:
> ---
> Revolution now sends mouseEnter and mouseLeave messages to objects that are
> shown or hidden while the mouse pointer is over them, and to objects when a
> handler moves them underneath the current mouse position.
> ---
> In general, I very much recommend that people scan the release notes when
> they get a new build. The notes on new features and fixes are lengthy, but
> it's worthwhile to read them - even if you don't remember a particular
> change when you run into a consequence like this, you may very well recall
> that "something changed with that" and be able to look it up.
> You can find them in "What's New" and "Read Me First" in the Revolution
> folder, or in the Encyclopedia under "What's new in version x.x".

Whoa!  Not so fast!  That was "_if_ an extra mousemove gets sent as well", which sounds like pure
speculation to me.  "MouseMove", which was the source of my problem, isn't mentioned anywhere in any of
the release notes (which I DO read), and that includes the MetaCard release notes.

The release notes and the Revolution Encyclopedia only mention "mouseEnter" and "mouseLeave".
Moreover, that particular change was reported for version 2.0, but the behavior I reported is also in
1.1.1, the last official release.  Therefore, even if there have been changes in 2.0, reported or
otherwise, they can't explain the behavior I saw.

And by the way, I still think comprehensive documentation on what messages are sent under what
conditions would be handy.  One good source might be the Transcript Dictionary, except that it is
neither complete nor fully cross-referenced with regard to this issue.  In the meantime, having to
burrow around through read me's and mentally compile the deltas against previous versions isn't quite
the same thing.  Besides, I never would have found the "mouseMove" on "hide" behavior in any of these
places, because it isn't there yet.

Any chance for such a list?


p.s. Entering "what's new" in the Encyclopedia search box just results in a beep.

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