BUG! Corrupted stack - mouseControl no longer recognizes graphic objects

Jim Witte jswitte at bloomington.in.us
Thu Apr 24 01:05:22 EDT 2003

   I've got a stack that all of a sudden does not want to recognize when 
the mouse is over graphic objects with mouseControl (called from a 
script or the message box).  It'll work for buttons, but not for 
graphics (which is a problem, since I need it to..)  I first thought it 
was a bug in the Rev environment that was triggered by something, but 
when I created a new mainstack with a couple of rectangles and tested 
mouseControl in the new stack, it worked as it should.

   The problem first surfaced all of a sudden in 2.0b2 - I'm not sure 
exactly what caused it though, but it persists even if I open the stack 
up in Rev 1.1.1, or if I build it into a distribution (Mac OSX).  I can 
get the stack back by copying scripts and such, but has anyone else 
experienced stack corruption like this before with 2.0b2?


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