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Wed Apr 23 01:41:32 EDT 2003

At 9:44 PM -0700 4/22/03, David Kwinter wrote:
>Ken, it seems we're dealing with another bug, which requires one to use:
>put "graphic "&quote&"myGraphic"&quote into x
>revRotatePoly x, 90
>-------Instead of-------
>revRotatePoly graphic "myGraphic", 90


Sorry. It's not a bug. For revRotatePoly, you need to provide, not a
graphic reference, but an expression that evaluates to a graphic reference.
This was not clear in the docs but it will be corrected in the 2.0 docs.
(This is similar to what you need to do for revPrintField.)

Important!  The revRotatePoly command does not accept direct graphic
references. For example, the following statement causes an error message:

  revRotatePoly graphic "My Graphic",45 -- CAN'T USE THIS FORM

Instead, use a form that evaluates to a graphic reference, like this:

  revRotatePoly the name of graphic "My Graphic",90 -- use this form
  revRotatePoly ("field" && quote & "My Field" & quote),22 -- or this

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