Script Debugger not working

Kevin Miller kevin at
Mon Apr 21 07:41:11 CDT 2003

On 18/4/03 11:49 pm, ncouch <ncouch at> wrote:

> Has anyone come up against the situation where you go into the Script
> Debugger and it does not allow you to "Step Into" or "Trace" the script.
> The only things that I can see that have changed or might effect this are:
> 1) I recently installed the Revolution 2.0 beta (only on the Mac)
> 2) The stack I am working on has been mainly developed under Windows XP but
> I am now working under Mac OS X.
> I haven't seen item #2 effect my ability to run the Script Debugger so I
> tend to doubt that is it.
> I have tried to take the stack back to the Windows environment and the
> Script Debugger doesn't work there either.
> What happened?

Do you have a recipe for this or a stack that this doesn't work on?  If so,
please send it to me off list so I can make sure this is fixed.



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