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<< > Can someone tell me what's going on and what can be done?

welcome to the club ;-)

This is the "normal" (?) behaviour of windows.

Every file is write-protected after copying from off a CD-Rom.

Don't ask me why...

Maybe even Bill G. doesn't know ;-)

> Actually, it's not a great trouble since this "writeable" property is 

> set

> once and forever but...


So.....this could be why my Win build never works but my Mac one does?  It is 
designed not to run from CD, but at the moment needs dragging onto a hard 
drive and running from there.  Would a stack the standalone tries to write to 
be read only by virtue of being copied from a CD?  What madness is this?  Can 
I set this property within a script in my standalone?

Hold on......I just read Jan Schenkel's contribution.  Sadly, I don't 
understand it.  Help anyone?

Best wishes,

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