Check stack before saving

paolo mazza mazzapaolo at
Thu Apr 17 10:53:01 EDT 2003

Thank you for your message.... very usefull .... I spent a day looking for
this command in the documentation.... actually I was confident Revolution
had this feauture.
Don't you think  Rev 2.0 should have this important feauture?

Ciao, Paolo

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> At 11:01 PM -0700 4/8/03, mazzapaolo at liber wrote:
>> How can I ceck if a stack has been modified?
>> In other words, I need to check if a stack has been modified before
>> asking the user to save the stack.
> There's no all-in-one simple way to do it.
> The best way is to set a global variable or custom property to false on
> openStack, and set it to true any time the user makes any change you might
> want to save. For example, if the user can type into fields, set the
> variable or property on closeField. If the user can add data through menu
> items, set it in the menuPick handler. And so on.
> Then in the closeStackRequest handler, you can check whether the variable
> or property is true or false. If it's true, ask the user to save changes.
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