stack corrupted?

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Wed Apr 16 14:55:02 CDT 2003

At 1:37 AM -0700 4/16/03, Emmanuel Companys wrote:
>I must say that my previous stack was begun with HyperCard, then
>continued with RR 1.1. under macOS 9, then 1.1.1   and finally uder
>macOS10.2. Couldn't theese change be a cause of the troubles? In my new
>stack some object references dont behave as previously : the use of cd
>and bg before btn and fld, and therefore, the number of the objects.

There are some properties that are set when you import a HC stack: the
hcAddressing and the dynamicPaths. These are both stack properties.

The hcAddressing governs whether object names specify "cd" and "bg", and
the dynamicPaths implements a subtle tweak in the message path. (You can
look both of these up in the Dictionary for more info.)

It might be possible that the hcAddressing could cause some of the problems
you described, but not most of them. So I'm not sure.

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