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Mark Talluto revlists at canelasoftware.com
Tue Apr 15 17:47:01 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at 01:12 PM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> I've got a couple questions about using external
> stacks for storing data.
> First of all, is it necessary to use the "start using"
> command to use an external stack, or can it be
> referred to with a path.  For example could I use a
> command like:
> get the myProperty of stack
> "C:/myStacks/myExternalStack.rev"
> My next question involves storing data in the external
> stack (text, images, sounds, etc.)  If I access this
> stack with 'start using' or 'go' or whatever, will all
> it's content get loaded into memory?  Or just the
> content of the card I specify?  I don't necessarily
> want to open this stack in a window for users to see.
> I just want to access the stuff inside it and
> reference it in my open window.
> Does any of this make sense?  :-)  I would appreciate
> any help.
> Thanks,
> Chris Sheffield
> Read Naturally


Once you make a reference to a stack, it is loaded into memory.  You 
can make sure that the user never sees it though by setting its 
visibility to false.  You do not need to use "start using".

For example:  put fld "data" of stack "externalStack.rev" to 

You would instantly (for the most part) have that data in your hands.

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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