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Mon Apr 14 05:41:01 CDT 2003

Hello folks,

I played with a quicktime software training tutorial for Photoshop yesterday, 
and liked it so much I decided to make one for a Rev stack (with less than 
intuitive controls).

I used Gif.gIf.giF to make an animation of me doing stuff with the stack.  It 
worked really well - the animation played nicely in GraphicConverter, QT,  
and also QT within Rev.  However, I want to avoid QT because I want Windows 
users without QT to be able to access it.  

As a gif within rev though, it was terrible.  The screen didn't refresh 
except in odd spots on the screen, and was generally jerky and slow.  Didn't 
seem to make much difference whether referenced or embedded.  Any suggestions?

The second problem is that I couldn't work out how to add audio comments to 
the animation of stack action.  I suppose I could chop it all up and script 
comments as audio files, but I really wanted a few biggish animations with 
sound that just play all in one (and contained in a standalone).  I tried 
importing it into iMovie so I could just dictate a soundtrack to the visuals. 
 The DV version was SO ugly!.  The plan B was to add a soundtrack in QT and 
then export as AVI - but just couldn't see how to do it.

Sorry if this is more to do with QT or  Gif.gIf.giF than Rev, ....or is it?

(Incidentally, I am still on 1.1.1 and have QT  5.0.2 pro.)

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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