Moving system Dialog boxes

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Apr 13 16:17:01 EDT 2003

Edwin Gore wrote:

> I have an application that uses a toolbar and a document window. The problem
> that I am running into is that there are one or two circumstances where I
> need to present an "answer" dialog to the user before a document has opened.
> On windows this centers the dialog on the toolbar/menubar, which is ypically
> going to be near the top of the screen. Is there any easy way to change the
> position the dialog appears at? I have a feeling that there isn't an I am
> going to need to cludge something together...if I open an invisible window
> it be active and be used to move the dialog?

I found that really annoying as well, and aded this to a front script:

on  preopenstack
  if the short name of this stack is in "answer dialog,ask dialog" then
    set the loc of this stack to the screenloc
  end if
  pass preopenstack
end preopenstack

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