Japanese/unicode woes

mark mitchell cowhead at mac.com
Sat Apr 12 03:27:02 EDT 2003

Mac OS10.15, Just downloaded latest beta of 2.0, and still can't get 
direct Japanese text input into a field.  Kotoeri , the japanese input 
system, just doesn't show up at all.  It doesn't matter what font the 
field is set for.  If the focus is on the field and lockText is false, 
Kotoeri disappears, and typing in Japanese is just dead.  If I click off 
the field, Kotoeri comes back, I can type in Japanese, but of course I 
cannot enter that into anything.  I can set the unicodeText of a field 
to a Japanese string, and I can copy and paste Japanese into a field, 
but I cannot edit or directly enter any Japanese.  Bokuno mondaiwa nan 
desu ka?

mark mitchell

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