Graphics vanish when opening 1.1.1 project in 2.0

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Fri Apr 11 23:15:00 EDT 2003

> Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 01:23:12 +0100
> Subject: Graphics vanish when opening 1.1.1 project in 2.0
> From: Mr Tea <mrtea at>
> To: Revolution List <use-revolution at>
> Reply-To: use-revolution at

> Do I need to re-link the graphics in some way? Have I made some basic error
> that's very simple to put right? Any suggestions welcome.
It acts like it lost the link.

1) Where is your stack?
2) Where are your images?

If your images are referenced in any way and you made a copy of the stack in
a different folder, or moved the original, or are are calling the original
which is still in the 1.1.1 folder from Rev 2.0, which is in a different
folder, then you've changed the defaultFolder. Also, if the images got
moved, it will cause a problem too.

The images need to be where Rev expects to find them.

Of course, there may just be a problem with 2.0 opening your stack. You
should use a copy, not the original stack (unless you don't really care if
you lose data), with a Beta version.

Ken N.

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