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On 9/4/03 10:05 pm, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:

> What's a "report object"? Also, when I set up a report using the Report
> Settings stack from the Tools menu and click "print", nothing happens
> (except that the page range I entered disappears.)
> I believe I need some guidance. Couldn't find anything in the docs.

Documentation for this is coming soon.  In the mean time, a brief overview:

You create your stack (e.g. an address book, with fields in a background on
multiple cards), then create a new stack.  Create a report object, link this
to a field in the address book stack (e.g. Enter "fld name of stack
addresses") into the link field.  Now you can navigate through the report
object and create additional objects for those other aspects of the "layout"
you want to print.  Use the report manager to enter a page range, print as
labels or onto multiple pages, specify header and footer, etc.

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