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Wed Apr 9 23:38:02 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 08:18 PM, Monte Goulding wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips, tricks or recommendations 
> for
> shareware marketing.
> Cheers
> Monte Goulding
> B.App.Sc. (Hons.)
> Executive Director
> Sweat Technologies


I would have a brochure and/or postcard made about your rowing software 
designed for coaches.  I would then get the addresses to all the 
universities that have a rowing program.  Send them your printed 
Send a demo and a press-release about your program to magazines and 
websites that support this sport.

You could try cold calling some of the schools that have this sport and 
make contact with the directors in that area.  See if you can set up a 
demo for local schools.  Get a feel for how they react and what lingo 
they use.  Then apply that information to other schools you call or 

Find out if there are some tradeshows you can attend as a vendor.  This 
will get your name out fast and allow you to meet with your potential 

If you have competition, find out how they are marketing their product. 
  Do they list distributors that are carrying it?  If so, contact their 
list of distributors and see if you can hook up with them.  Know ahead 
of time what discount you will give them as they will ask soon after 

I think that direct marketing and some aggressive research will get you 
a lot more sales than posting your product on a shareware site.  In 
fact, you might drop the word shareware from your marketing and refer 
to it as your product or one of your products if you have more.

These are some ideas.  Hope one or more helps.

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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