Conway's Game of Life

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>I've done an extremely basic cellular automata in Rev.  It ain't much,
>and only took about 15 minutes to code, but you're welcome to it.  Just
>make a scrolling field, set the text format to Courier size 10,  then
>stick this script in a button or somewhere.  The cells are then
>different colored apples based on a basic neighbor's rule and a random
>first line:


Thank you for your Game of "somewhat more primitive" life. I've 
enjoyed it; food for further exploration.

It doesn't seem to evolve to "intelligent" life (that is, some form 
of order.) At least I didn't recognize it. Maybe it developed and 
then became extinct. A lesson for us all.

For those of us impatient with the passage of time, I found it helped 
to put a "lock screen" just after "repeat 50 times" (And of course an 
"unlock screen" just before end repeat.


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