Streaming media (Richard?)

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Wed Apr 9 04:56:01 EDT 2003

Please excuse I forgot to mention my OS. Mac OS 9.04. Do you have an actual
Quicktimeversion installed on your Windows machine?
It should work with setting the filename of the player to
"" (without typing URL in front of it.)



Chipp wrote:

>On XP and RR 1.5 and 2.0 beta

>set the filename of player 1 to "C:/"
>works fine.

>set the filename of player 1 to URL "file:C:/"
>crashes the environment.

> is a progressive mov. I would like to be able to:

>set the filename of player 1 to URL
>"" and have it begin to
>playback almost instantly (on a fast connection).

>but this doesn't work either. do you stream video from the web to a
>RR/MC client?

Hey Chipp,

it works great in the player-app I´ve been developping. No crash, starts
(Rev 1.1.1)



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