the clickCharChunk: space is not a char?

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Apr 9 00:29:01 EDT 2003

I don't understand; I create a simple field, put "Now is the time" into
the field ,lock it, and set the script of the field to:

on mouseUp
  put the clickCharChunk
end mouseUp

When I click between "Now" and "is" in the white space, I get:

  char 4 to 4 of field 1

What do you get?

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> Subject: the clickCharChunk: space is not a char?
> after hours of trying to find a workaround, i
> still haven't found a way to make <the
> clickCharChunk> work on the space between text
> chars. 
> the fld is locked, the clickCharChunk and the
> clickChunk both work on linked text, so the
> handler seems to be ok, the fld has been deleted
> and replaced.
> my editor relies on references to character
> location and the user should be able to click in
> between words to paste as well as on them.
> TIA,
> Erik
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