Conway's Game of Life

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Tue Apr 8 02:26:01 EDT 2003

Jan Schenkel writes: 

> --- miscdas at wrote:
>> > Ro Nagey wrote:
>> >> Before I reinvent the wheel [actually, before I
>> have my students
>> >> reinvent it], has anyone written a version of
>> Conway's Game of Life in
>> >> Revolution?
>> =============  
>> What does it matter if someone has already
>> "invented" it, if it is an 
>> exercise for students??  
>> miscdas
> Well if I were a teacher, I wouldn't want to give my
> students an assignment they can just copy off the
> internet somewhere. *grin* 
> Jan Schenkel.

This topic did not address assignments in general (as you do), but to a 
specific subject (Conway's Game of Life). Given the limited Rev/MetaCard 
users, there is low probablility of finding the specific subject in the 
public doamain already coded with the code available to "just copy off the
internet somewhere". 


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