Reading a database file

Sarah sarahr at
Mon Apr 7 21:49:01 CDT 2003

As it reads it into memory, your RAM is the limiting factor. If using 
Mac OS 9, then the amount of RAM allocated to the Rev app will limit 
it, otherwise, memory should get allocated automatically. I believe 
there is a theoretical limit of 4 GB per field, but practically this is 
not possible.

Note that if you want, you can read your file in chunks using the open, 
read & close commands rather than the URL command.

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On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 07:47  am, ncouch wrote:

> Anyone out there know if there is a hard limit on the size of a 
> database
> file that Revolution can read?  So far the largest file I have read is 
> 179MB
> of text.
> This is using the "filter" command in case it makes any difference.
> Nate Couch
> Plano, TX
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