I Sure Hope the Build Is Fixed in 2.0

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Mon Apr 7 11:40:00 EDT 2003

>After the first successful build...did you *remove* the executable from the
>directory where you built it? So, during the second build, there *folder*
>was there, but not the *executable*?

I can't test this in 2.0B until I get around the "error 1,010" on OS9 
or get to my alpha test winery & download the Windows version; but I 
think Chipp has pointed out how one might make Dist Builder 
misbehave: move the executable out of the folder it's in, and see if 
the files in the folder you moved it to are removed if the build is 

When this "worked" for me, I was doing builds in 1.1.1 on my backup 
partition & moving the executable to the 1.5A7 folder on my working 
partition, leaving the original executable in place.  When I was 
"zapped", I was building in the Build folder on my working partition; 
so when I moved the executable into my working folder there was no 
longer a copy in a folder in the Build folder.

Rob Cozens
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