Robots & RunRev?

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Sun Apr 6 12:19:01 EDT 2003

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>Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 14:40:37 -0800 (PST)
>erik hansen wrote:
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>--- Jim Hurley <jhurley at> wrote:
>>  I just hooked up with an 8 year-old through the
>>  Big Brother, Big
>>  Sister program who is interested in robots.
>>  Anyone had any experience with interfacing
>>  RunRev with a robot? Maybe
>>  through the serial port?
>will this involve your turtle graphics?
>erik at


That was my  hope. There are programmable robots used in at least one 
of our local schools. They use a Mindstorms product. My hope was that 
there was someway to interface it with RunRev and program in 
Transcript with a TG supplement al la the RunRev education page.

Currently the available programming languages for this product are: 
RCX , Java, C, C++, and Forth. I was hoping someone had considered 
and x-Talk interface.


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