Beta 2.0 OSX Distribution issues, etc.

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Sat Apr 5 17:30:01 CST 2003

On 05-04-2003 19:01, "use-revolution-request at" <Robert
Arnold> wrote:

> Switched over to OSX, no startup issues, but some funny things happened when
> I tried to build an OSX stand-alone using an existing stack which worked
> fine under previous versions of RR. Towards the end of the build cycle an
> error message popped up and I must have pressed the "ignore" button a
> hundred times, getting the same unidentified (blank) errors, before I had to
> force quit the application. The stand-alone was there, however, and seems to
> run, although the application menu says "Name" and "Quit Name" instead of
> the application or stack name.

I have had this blank error thing also. On the improve list I have reported
several instances of the script editor/compiler going haywire with weird
messages after a simple script fault.
Force quit was my only resort as well sometimes. All I can say is : It has
been reported, but I fear that it it has something to do with the
communication between the compiler (engine) and the RunRev GUI (RevScript)
And so far 2.0 beta has not shown any improvement over pre beta 4.
Let's keep reporting these and hope it can be pinned down.


Frans Schoffelen

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