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Sat Apr 5 02:59:01 EST 2003

List folks,

Using OS 9.1 and Rev 1.1.1 to build a Windows standalone I haven't been able
to set an icon.  I made what I thought was the right thing in
GraphicConverter, saved with the correct extension, but found the standalone
builder benignly stalled as it reached the icn.  The standalone was intact,
but with no icon.  I pinched an icon from something or other in VPC (Win
95.). I compared the genuine article with my home spun product and found
them to be indistinguishable. I tried again, using the borrowed Windows
icon, with the same result.

Any Ideas?

Best wishes,

David Glasgow

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I found that it was quite hard with Iconographer to make an icon complying
with the needs of Revolution. But i found a way to achieve that : Resource
Tuner at (for Win of course)
It's abit like ResEdit but with a nice XP interface, what you do is open
your custom-made app and replace the two icons with whatever you want as
long as it is a 32x32 4bits icon.

Also, it would be a great idea to add an "app icon assistant" in future
versions of Revolution.

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