OT: RR and FileMaker

Jim Hurley jhurley at infostations.com
Fri Apr 4 08:50:01 EST 2003

>>  Bruce,
>>  Here is an example. Say I have a field which has something like 
>>the following:
>  > stuff, stuff, AP# 103-837-47, more stuff, more stuff
>>  Were AP# might be a county parcel number. The 837 might be a county
>>  tax zone. And I might want to extract  that 837 and make it  a
>>  separate field. In Transcript I just write:
>>  on CreateNewField
>>   put field 1 into tRecords
>>   repeat for each line tLine in tRecords
>>     set the itemdelimiter to comma
>>     put item 3 of tLine into temp
>>     Set  itemdelimiter to "-"
>>     put comma & item 2 of  tLine after tLine
>>     put tLine & return after results
>>   end repeat
>>   put results into field 1
>>  end CreateNewField
>>  Now I'm sure this can be done as well within FileMaker, but  I have a
>>  deep seated aversion to the  scripting language in FileMaker.
>Your choice, I guess.
>Learn to do something extraordinarily simple in a widely used application
>that you apparently already own. Learn fundamental database concepts. Learn
>basic ideas like importing standard delimited data formats; a concept that
>applies across a wide variety of applications, like Excel, FileMaker, etc.
>Or continue to ensure that your horizons aren't accidentally widened.

Actually I  am the local volunteer "consultant" on matters FileMaker, 
setting up databases for several of our local volunteer groups. Been 
doing it for years.

>  > As I said, I first have  to  save the file as text, do my Transcript
>>  thing, and then import it back into FileMaker. Tedious but, for me,
>>  better than working in FileMaker.
>You are fooling yourself. I hope you're not making somebody else pay for
>your time.

As I said  I am a volunteer. I hope you're able to raise the  level 
of your social skills when dealing with your clients.

>You are apparently importing a comma delimted file. There is ZERO scripting
>required in FileMaker to accomplish this. Just choose file, import, comma

Yes, as I said in my original query, that is what I  do.

>If you import the raw comma delimited data into fields Stuff1, Stuff2,
>Stuff3, Stuff4, Stuff5 then you can make a calculated field APMiddleNumber =
>middlewords(Stuff3, 4,1).

That is useful. Thank you.



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