Color My Word--Open Color Palette

miscdas at miscdas at
Wed Apr 2 14:22:01 EST 2003

Cubist at writes:
>    Two: If the selected text has a mixture of styles -- for instance, if 
> three words are selected, and precisely one of the three words is boldfaced 
> -- the results may not be what you wanted. 

Mixed styles is documented in the MetaTalk ref:
If you get the textStyle of a chunk that contains multiple styles, the 
string "mixed" is returned. 

So, add a routine for "mixed" that parses the chunk to a lower level 
(perhaps down to character level) and saves the style info, applies the 
user's new style selection, then determines which, if any, of the saved 
style info should be reapplied. 

Maybe the user's new selection could just be added to the style list for 
each saved item? 


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