ignoring certain keys?

Josh Dye Zzyzx at Relia.Net
Sat Sep 28 23:01:00 EDT 2002

I would also know how to do this. (Basically doing the same kind of stack as
you, Mark.)

 - Josh Dye

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Subject: ignoring certain keys?

> I am trying to build an app that will ignore when a user presses the
> key on a pc, which would normally make the system lose focus on the app
> bring up the taskbar.  Is there a quick way to do this, or to make sure
> the app is always being focused on?
> (I am having the keys play sounds, and would like to ignore any other than
> letters and numbers, and am currently using the "onkeyup" handler, which
> working great except for the above mentioned key.)
> Thanks!
> Mark
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