Relational database capabilities?

Alan Gayne agayne at
Fri Sep 27 03:45:01 EDT 2002

does anybody have a small sample stack example of how this would work with a
FileMaker pro database?  I find the rev documentation on this to be hard to

Alan Gayne

on 09/26/2002 12:08 PM, Sjoerd Op 't Land at
sjoerdoptland at wrote:

> Paolo Basile wrote/ schreef:

> When you want relational databases, I think you'd better use an external
> relational database (e.g. FMPro), and use the RunRev database connectivity
> (more in the Docs) to connect to this database. RunRev could the be a
> front-end for your datbase).
>> Paolo Basile
>> Italy
> Regards, / Groeten,
> Sjoerd
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