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Heather Williams heather at
Thu Sep 26 03:45:01 EDT 2002

Hi folks,

I see it is time once again for me to raise my head and remind all you good
people of a few things that help to make this list run smoothly and remain
the great resource that it is for all.

I've been noticing rather a lot of html garbage on the list lately. I remind
you that to the majority of users of the list, fancy formatting comes over
as unnecessary garbage which is almost unreadable. The digest can *only*
cope with plain text. Please turn off html formatting in your email client
before posting.

Please, No Attachments! Again, they arrive as garbage, clutter up the list,
and in the majority of cases will be filtered out by the list software
anyway. A small one slipped through I see... If you have something you want
to share with list members, please post a url where they can go and look at
it, or send it privately.

Remember to change the header if you are in digest mode, so that it reflects
something more useful than "Re: use-revolution digest no 6003".

Please do snip your posts so that you are only quoting enough for people to
understand what you are replying too. Six layers of nested quoting in pretty
colours may look pretty, but it is almost never necessary and adds to the
bandwith burden for those of us still on dialup pay-per-minute connections.

All subscribe/unsubscribe requests should be sent directly to me,
heather at, if you were unable to resolve them by visiting the list
webpage. I'm always happy to help. Most such requests sent to the list will
be automatically filtered out by the list software, unless you can't spell

To protect you from spam this list is a double opt in list. This means, that
if you post from an address you are not subscribed with, your post will be
held for approval by the list moderator - that's me, folks. If this happens,
don't panic, I'll get in there and approve it asap, once I've checked it's
not spam. You can avoid this happening however, by subscribing all email
addresses you are likely to post from, and setting all but one to "nomail"
so that you don't get duplicate posts.

And finally, I would like to say thank you once again to everyone who
contributes to this great community. It was lovely meeting some of you at
Paris Expo.

Onward and Upward!


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