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> please help!
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> Hello list,
> Im trying to build a distribution of my program ife for OSX, OS9 and
> WIN with Rev 1.1.1
> It worked fine for OS9 and WIN wich I have build before with Rev 1.0
> But the problems begun with 1.1.1. Its mostly the same code but I had
> crashes after crashes with the engine.
> Then the rev support suggested me to change some scripts because the
> engine of Rev 1.1.1 is different to 1.0 so maybe thats what causes the
> crashes.
> I have changed all that (I thinks I have found them all)
> During this time i changed to OSX to test it there too..
> It works fine (no crash after a lot of testing) in OSX and WIN (tested
> in VPC)...
> But still crashes in OS9
> Then I had the idea that maybe the problem is on which system I build
> the distribution.
> So I copyied all the stacks and made 3 different distributions with
> their own stacks to build.
> I started from OSX and builded the OSX Distribution
> Then I started with OS9 and builded the OS9 distribution (fat) and the
> WIN distribution.
> OSX works fine without crashes apart from the known bugs (scrolling
> text and colored field frames)
> Win works fine Scrolling and Colors are correct (but looses the icon,
> which worked fine with 1.0)
> OS9: All correct, but it still crashes terribly. Mostly after some
> clicks.
> Sometimes on quit.
> It crashed..:
> 1) in my old 9.1 so hard that after restarting OSX 10.1.5 (Default
> start volume) was not able to find the 9.1
> 2) in a clean fresh installed standard Apple MacOS 9.2.2 with "System
> error 10"
> 3) in classic under OSX without any warning.
> 4) It crashed on Macs of some testers too
> Anything else I could do?
> Thanks for any help in advance...

Does really nobody have any idea?

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